Spring Valley mayor faces impeachment trial

SPRING VALLEY, New York (WABC) -- The mayor of a village in Rockland County is no stranger to controversy and is once again making news.

Spring Valley's mayor faced jail time a few years back.

Now he's back in court fighting to keep his job.

If he's worried about being removed from office, Demeza Delhomme sure isn't showing it.

The mayor of Spring Valley is in the midst of an impeachment trial, facing over 40 counts of official misconduct.

His lawyer claims the allegations are politically motivated.

"A witch hunt, the mayor has been a good government guy all along, there hasn't been whiff of corruption against him," said Kenneth Brown, Delhomme's attorney.

"They've likened you to a dictator, that you don't follow procedure," Eyewitness News Reporter Marcus Solis said.

"Feeding the people, feeding the people, Mother Teresa," Delhomme said.

Delhomme is no stranger to controversy, from trying to explain why Department of Public Works workers were sent home during a snowstorm to avoid overtime costs, to spending five days in jail for contempt after violating a judge's order to open summer camp.

The mayor also allegedly used a village owned SUV numerous times to travel to a vacation home in North Carolina.

"This case is about a guy who runs rough shot against an entire community who consistently violates the rule of law," said Kenneth del Vecchio, petitioner's attorney.

The trial is the result of a petition. A hearing officer will make a recommendation to an appellate court which will decide Delhomme's fate.

Key testimony is being provided by village trustee Vilair Fonvil, who Delhomme claims just wants his job.

"Stay tuned," Delhomme said.

Others disagree.

"This guy is not a good guy, this guy has done wrong at an extremely high level," del Vecchio said.

Should Delhomme indeed be removed, he would be the second straight Spring Valley mayor whose term ended in disgrace.

His predecessor is serving four years in prison for corruption.
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