Up Close: Eric Garner grand jury testimony

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Diana Williams talks with NYC Public Advocate Letitia James about a judge's decision not to release grand jury documents from the Eric Garner case. (WABC)

This week, we'll look at a state Supreme Court justice's ruling that the record from a grand jury probe into last July's police chokehold death of Eric Garner will stay sealed.

Justice William Garnett rejected arguments the public had a right to know why the panel decided not to indict a police officer in the videotaped incident on Staten Island.

State law dictates that during grand jury proceedings, the testimony from witnesses and evidence, remain secret, behind closed doors.

It's done to protect witnesses who might not otherwise come forward. And it's not meant to be a trial, just a determination if charges should be filed.

Joining us is New York City Public Advocate Letitia James, who was among those filing suit to get the proceedings in the Garner case opened to the public along with civil liberties groups and the New York Post.

Also, it was the video that sent shock waves around the city: a group of teenage girls attacking another girl inside a McDonald's restaurant in Flatbush.

The fight alone was brutal, but on top of that no one in the crowd watching stepped in to stop it or call police.

Instead they pulled out their cell phones and videotaped it. This so-called bystander behavior is not criminal, but it is alarming and it seems to be happening more often.

Not to mention the escalating teen on teen violence.

With us is Brooklyn Borough President and former NYPD police officer Eric Adams, and community activist Tony Herbert, who brought the video to the public's attention.
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