Glen Cove High School Select Chorale set to perform at the Vatican

GLEN COVE, Long Island (WABC) -- Some kids on Long Island are over the moon after their high school choir is making preparations for an overseas performance.

In two weeks, a heavenly sound will be echoing through the Vatican.

Students with the Glen Cove High School Choir will be singing for the Pope.

"Everyone asks me are you excited, are you ready? Honestly, it hasn't hit me yet, I still don't believe that it's real," said Evelina Backiel, a student.

The group is used to high profile performances.

Two years ago, they performed for the Obama's at the White House, but this upcoming performance has some new challenges.

They'll be the only group leading the entire Papal mass in Latin.

"The amount of music the kids had to learn in such a short amount of time, it's unprecedented," said Edward Norris, of the Glen Cove Select Chorale.

"It took a lot of time, but it's all coming together now," said Matthew Ziegen, a student.

The group began fundraising for the trip back in July. They've raised more than $40,000. Some donations came in from as far as Pennsylvania.

"The community, the parents, everyone believes in our kids and I'm just so grateful to be part of it," Norris said.

It's been a lot of work.

They have been practicing every day, sometimes for up to four hours.

"We've been working since middle of July and just non-stop song after song after song," said Hailey Trif, a student.

But they all know it's worth it.

The group had to receive special permission from the Vatican to perform since they're not from a Catholic school.

The performance will take place Wednesday, January 6th.
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