2020 Vote: Trump wants Biden to undergo drug test for Tuesday's presidential debate

The President made the accusation on Twitter Sunday.

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Sunday, September 27, 2020
The Countdown:  Previewing first debate
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Watch this week's The Countdown as Bill Ritter and his guests discuss the first debate between President Trump and Joe Biden on Tuesday.

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Ahead of Tuesday's debate, President Donald Trump suggested Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden had been under the influence of drugs during prior political debates and called for the former vice president to be tested.

In a Tweet, Trump said Biden's previous appearances "have been record-setting UNEVEN" and suggested it was because Biden was on drugs.

The President said he would agree to take one himself.

You can watch the debate on Tuesday at 9 p.m. on ABC 7

Meanwhile, we're learning more about the logistics of what we will actually see on the debate stage in the midst of COVID-19.

Senior Advisor for the Commission on Presidential DebatesPeter Eyre provided some details which include no handshakes, no masks, and Donald Trump will get the first question. There are no opening statements.

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The Associated Press analyzed Joe Biden's Democratic National Convention speech and President Donald Trump's Republican National Convention speech.

Here's more:

- Upon entering the stage, President Trump will be standing at a podium on the right side of the stage looking out at the audience, and former Vice President Biden will be standing at a podium to the left side of the stage looking out at the audience

- The moderator will be seated at a desk facing the two candidates

- Because of COVID considerations, there will not be a handshake between the candidates or with the moderator

- Once onstage, neither the candidates nor the moderator will wear masks

- There will be no opening statements from the candidates and the moderator, Chris Wallace, will pose the first question to President Trump

- There will be a small number of ticketed guests at the debate and we expect tens of millions of viewers from around the world

- Everyone in the debate hall will be subject to a variety of health safety protocols, including COVID testing

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Trump and Biden will face off Tuesday night at in Cleveland, Ohio.


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