Teens behind 'Rahway Bushmen' turn prank into donations for food bank

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Sunday, November 5, 2017
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Michelle Charlesworth reports on the controversial prank in Rahway.

RAHWAY, New Jersey (WABC) -- A gag in New Jersey has garnered a lot of attention.

Two teenagers with some time on their hands decided to dress in leaf-covered cammo and surprise people in Rahway.

The bushmen are actually boys.

They say it started as a joke and then spiraled out of control.

The teens were bored and did it for a surprise at Rahway River Park.

"It's a little interesting to see how one little joke got this much attention," said one of them.

The minute the high school students found out they might actually injure people, scaring them half out of their wits, they decided to take their 15 minutes of fame and feed people.

"We actually have started a T-shirt campaign where proceeds from the T-shirts go to Rahway Food for Friends which is our local community food pantry," one of them said.

The bushmen are now selling those T-shirts for charity and they're invited to town events like a Halloween Trunk or Treat that happened Saturday.

"It's a positive thing and it's kids being kids having fun for Halloween," said Rahway Mayor Samson Steinman.

Now the only scary thing they are doing is scaring up donations.

For more information, visit http://www.cafepress.com/spanktown/14938041

The teens have posted plenty of post-scare photos on their Facebook page: