RentHop app helps you find apartments by subway stop, lists median rent

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Michelle Charlesworth has the story

It's one of the first things many look for when finding a place to live, how far is the nearest subway stop?

So, how do you get the most for your money?

A new app is doing some of your homework for you.

Eloisa is 23, her sister's her roommate, and they just found a no-fee duplex on the Upper East Side saving them $250 per month. Each gets her whole floor!

A company called RentHop finds and maps apartments by subway stop. Just find your budget, stick to it and open a map!

"You can see on the map all the prices by stop, and maybe find a better option one stop away or on the edge of your neighborhood, there's a price difference there," said Shane Leese, of RentHop.

A tiny map from RentHop's research shows all one-bedroom median rents, Times Square is $3,400, at E. 68th it's $3,600, but if you move to 77th Street it drops to $2,500.

At 116th Street the median rent is $3,000. If you move 10 blocks north it drops to $900! That's a lot of money.

Leese explains the RentHop website makes is easy to hop around and look at median rents for some 100,000 apartments.

You want to be able to pounce save so you can save money, so you'll need to have money for a security deposit and enough to cover two apartments for one month, so have at least $5,000 put aside.

Eloisa also warns, be real.

"So you see all these West Side Village apartments on TV and 'Sex and the City' and 'Friends,' five roomies, it just doesn't happen like that!" Eloisa said.
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