Man's request to pray during traffic stop brings deputy to tears

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A police officer shared a touching story of how a family's prayer touched his life. (Brandon Wiggins/Facebook)

When Deputy Brandon Wiggins pulled over a man during a traffic stop, he had no idea that what would happen next would bring him to tears.

The Heard County, Georgia, deputy wrote about the incident on Facebook and even posted his dashcam video online to support his story.

Deputy Wiggins was in the middle of the stop when another vehicle pulled up in front of his cruiser and stopped.

"I immediately start running situations through my head, and praying for the best," wrote Deputy Wiggins. "I'm nervous, and praying to God that nothing is going to happen."

However, the man in the second car identified himself as the father of the man who Wiggins had pulled over. The father told Deputy Wiggins his son was on the way to the hospital to see his grandfather who had a stroke, but then the man grabbed Deputy Wiggins' hand and asked him a question which left him speechless.

"You got just a second? Would you like to have a word of prayer?" the man asked Wiggins in the dash cam video.

"My heart sank," wrote Wiggins. "He prayed for me and my brothers in blue, my eyes filled with tears, I was at a loss for words. This man with all the had going on, stopped to pray for me."

Deputy Wiggins said he was in total shock when he walked away. He said he will never forget the man or the experience, and neither will thousands of other people who have commented on the video.
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