Heartbroken repo man pays off elderly couple's car

RED BUD, Illinois -- Jim Ford makes his living by taking people's cars away, but the Illinois repo man sprung a huge surprise on an elderly couple after helping to get their car paid off.

Ford co-owns Illini Asset Recovery, and he had a change of heart as he repossessed their car.

"My grandparents are gone, but you know, I could see them, I knew what was going on," he said. "Their medications have double, tripled, and I know that. I know that's happen to everybody. I knew why they were behind."

Pat Kippling said she and her husband used the Buick to travel to the doctor's office, the drug store and the grocery.

"That's about all we ever got to do," Kippling said.

Ford set up a GoFundMe account that within eight hours had raised most of the balance to pay off the car.

Stan and Pat are now behind the wheel again, thanks to the generosity of the man who took their car.
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