Robbery suspect taken down by IHOP server with black belt

SAN ANTONIO, Texas -- An IHOP server in San Antonio, Texas with a third-degree black belt put his skills to use when a man tried stealing money from the cash register.

Elijah Arnold, 22, said he was opening the restaurant Saturday when he heard the register popping open.

"I like, ran up. He like, swung the crowbar at me. I blocked with my left arm, I hit him with my right hand and I pulled him to the ground," Arnold said.

He sprang into action, tackling the robber to the ground until police arrived.

The whole time, Arnold says the man begged him to let him go.

"Even on the ground when I was holding him, he was begging me, 'Please let me go, just give me the money, you should understand this,'" Arnold said.

The server took a crowbar to the face, but says the biggest reward was the appreciation he got from his managers.

The suspect was arrested, but police are still looking for two other people who were with him.
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