Robert Downey Jr. delivers bionic arm to disabled child

One seven-year-old boy with a partially-developed arm became a real-life "Iron Man" with the help of Robert Downey Jr.

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Alex is a boy who was born with a partially developed arm. In the video above, Robert Downey Jr. visits Alex and gives him a real-life bionic arm, resembling the one that Downey wore in the "The Avengers" and the "Iron Man" movies.

The arm itself was developed Alex Monero, a college student who builds and donates low-cost, 3-D printed bionic limbs, in conjunction with Microsoft's The Collective Project. But the clip itself is very funny, as Alex and Downey Jr. fist bump each other with their iron arms. Check out the video above, and learn more about The Collective Project below.

The Collective Project website.

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