The Gay Men's Chorus of San Francisco birthed a choral phenomenon

SAN FRANCISCO -- During the fall of 1978, a call went out inviting men in and around the Castro to sing in a brand new chorus group. The driving force was Jon Sims, the conductor of the Freedom Band.

Interest mounted, leading up to the first chorus gathering -- around 100 people showed up on the first night. The men who first gathered more than 40 years ago gave birth to an LGBTQ choral phenomenon that now boasts hundreds of choruses around the globe.

Today, The Gay Men's Chorus of San Francisco envisions a world inspired and unified by the transformative power of music. Each group member leads through music creation that builds community, inspires activism, and fosters compassion at home and around the world. Through performance, The Gay Men's Chorus seeks to evolve society's views toward LGBTQ people and continue fighting for equality. Click here for more information.