Anonymous good Samaritan pays $79,000 for layaway charges at Pennsylvania Walmart

HARRISBURG (WABC) -- 'Tis the season to give, and one man in Pennsylvania apparently took that to heart. Known only as Santa B, the holiday good Samartian gave some holiday shoppers an early and expensive Christmas present.

The man shelled out $79,000 to pay off everyone's layaway bills at a Walmart in Harrisburg, and the recipients couldn't be more grateful.

The pitter-patter of holiday shoppers grows louder by the day at the layaway counter, where actions speak loud.

"Today was definitely a big deal," shopper Tracy Folks said. "It's been a rough year this year."

Folks came to the Grayson Road Walmart Monday afternoon after a call from her mother.

"And I started crying right away on the phone, because I was actually going to have to cancel my layaway," she said.

But she didn't have to after all. and neither did anyone else. Santa B saw to that.

"Probably about 1 o'clock this afternoon, I had an anonymous donor come in," store manager Christy Evans said. "It was specifically the holiday's a lot of mixed reactions, complete relief to, there's been customers just breaking down and crying."

The man paid off what others were working to pay off, and it's safe to say he made a lot of people's weeks and even years.

"(I) want to say thank you, whoever you are," one recipient said. "Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Thank you very much."

Money can't always buy happiness, but in this case, it does.
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