Saturday Rewind: Cuomo vs. Nixon

Mystery Solved?

A mystery a half-century old; possibly solved. Skeletal remains, believed to be that of Louise Pietrewicz's, were found in the basement of a home in Suffolk County. She went missing in 1966.

"Finally they found her, thank God," said 92-year-old Leon Jasinski, the victim's surviving brother.

Cuomo vs. Nixon

Governor Andrew Cuomo will have a high profile primary challenger next election cycle. Cynthia Nixon, who was best known for her role as Miranda on Sex and the City, has thrown her hat in the ring. The 51-year-old has been a staunch supporter of Mayor de Blasio.

Swamp Rescue

A man who found himself waist deep in trouble in New Jersey is safe thanks to a few state troopers. Police found him stuck in swamp waters in Elizabeth. After failing to reach him with a human chain, another quick thinking officer grabbed a lifeguard flotation device from his car and used it to pull the man out.

Snowball Fight

And some police officers and kids in Brooklyn decided to make the most out of the latest snow storm with a snowball fight. The kids were using plastic gloves to play in the snow, so the officers went out and got them better pairs. As for the snowball fight... you can judge who won.
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