9-year-old self-described 'guardian of the galaxy' pens adorable letter asking NASA for a job

NASA's recent job posting for a planetary protection officer has been shared far and wide, catching the attention of an adorable 9-year-old who has his sights set on the position.

Jack Davis even penned a handwritten letter to NASA expressing his interest in the job, and his note made its way to the space agency's head honchos.

You might not think a fourth grader is qualified for an advanced science position at NASA, but Davis' creative reasoning might change your mind.

"My sister says I'm an alien. Also, I have seen almost all the space and alien movies I can see," Davis wrote. "I have also seen the show 'Marvel: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' and hope to see the movie 'Men in Black.'"

But perhaps most importantly, Davis noted that he is "young, so I can learn to think like an alien."

The fourth grader closed the letter by describing himself as a guardian of the galaxy.

In a response released by NASA, planetary science director Dr. James L. Green thanked Davis for his interest and offered him some words of advice for the future.

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NASA wants to pay you six figures to prevent biological contamination between planets.

"We are always looking for bright future scientists and engineers to help us, so I hope you will study hard and do well in school. We hope to see you here at NASA one of these days!" Green wrote.

As for Davis, he told ABC News that getting a reply from NASA was "pretty cool."

"I feel like I am only the only one who really wants a job at NASA this young," he added.
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