Come along on a foraging tour with 'Wildman' Steve Brill in Prospect Park

PROSPECT PARK (WABC) -- Can I eat this plant? What's the best way to prepare it? You can find answers to those questions and so much more from spending a little time with "Wildman" Steve Brill.

"I teach people about wild foods, foraging, herbs, greens, nuts, seeds, roots, berries, seaweeds, mushrooms, the science behind it, history, folklore, art, mythology, everything related to what we are finding," Brill said.

For instance, on a foraging tour one afternoon he showed how Bitter Dock tastes awful raw, but when prepared in a way similar to a kale chip, it tastes delicious!

Brill started leading foraging tours back in 1982 and he hasn't stopped since.

If you can't attend a tour, you can just download his app! It's called Wild Edibles Forage in the App Store.

"It has hundreds of plants, everything I know about, and they can use it to identify the plants to find out how to use them for food and home remedies, where the plants grow, how to spot the plants," Brill said.

You can find a list of dates and learn how to sign up for tours throughout the tri-state area on his website:

The tours are appropriate for children and adults of all ages.
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