Meet the vaquita porpoise, the most endangered sea mammal in the world

LOS ANGELES -- The vaquita porpoise lives only in the Northern Gulf of California. They are shy animals that only hang out in small groups and because of that not many people have seen them.

Vaquita means "tiny cow" in Spanish. These porpoises only grow to be about 5 feet in length and are one fourth of the size of a whale.

According to David Bader of the Aquarium of the Pacific, there are only 60 vaquita porpoises still alive making them the most endangered sea animal in the world.

"They have been declining because of being caught and killed in fishing nets set for shrimp and other fishes in the Northern Gulf", Bader explained.

Bader believes that Vaquitas could potentially go extinct in five years if no action is taken to save them. While the Mexican Government put a two year ban on all gillnet fishing within the vaquita's range, illegal fishing still continues.

Bader said educating people and supporting "vaquita-friendly" labeled seafood are ways to prevent further endangerment and possible extinction.
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