Rescued exotic-colored bird turns out to be seagull doused in curry

A bizarre, exotic-looking orange bird rescued from a highway in England turned out to be a seagull soaked in curry.

Drivers saw the orange bird on the side of the road and he wasn't able to fly.

So he was taken to a wildlife hospital to be checked out.

Vets determined the seagull's feathers somehow became doused in curry, preventing him from flying properly.

All he needed was a bath to clean off all the spice.

"We have no idea how he got into this predicament but thankfully, apart from the vibrant colour and pungent smell, he was healthy," the Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital wrote on Facebook.

Now, he's back to his natural white color and will soon be ready to fly - but hopefully not into any more curry dishes.

The vets named the bird Vinny - after vindaloo curry. The spicy Indian dish is usually made with chicken or pork, not seagull.
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