Selfie stick creator is back with "less annoying" invention

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Sunday, February 19, 2017

TORONTO, Canada -- The inventor of the now-infamous selfie stick is back, this time with a new invention that he says will be a bit less annoying.

Speaking with CBC News, inventor Wayne Fromm introduced the Selfie Stick It, a sticky pad designed to affix your smart phone to walls or any other vertical surface. Once on the wall, your phone can then snap gorgeous selfies to your heart's content.

Fromm is also hoping to get ahead of knockoffs this time around -- although he legally holds the patent for the selfie stick, cheaply priced selfie sticks are now ubiquitous in dollar stores, and some even use packaging eerily similar to Fromm's.

The new product will debut at a much lower price point, a move that Fromm hopes will help him hold on to a larger share of the estimated $80 million selfie market.

"We want to have the dollar stores, we want to have the Bed Bath and Beyond stores, and the professional camera stores and the Best Buys with the higher price," he said.