Push to raise awareness for those who may have been sickened by toxins released in 9/11 attacks

CHINATOWN, Manhattan (WABC) -- On September 11th, Virginia Eng was a public school teacher in Chinatown. She can still taste the air in the months after the terrorist attacks - our city's darkest day.

"It was terribly, because you kept smelling that burning smell. It was like an acid sensation every time to breathe in," says Eng.

She never second guessed what was in the air, until a few years ago when she started to experience headaches and sinus problems. That is why she is among the dozens who came to PS 124 for a 9/11 health forum. The goal is to register everyone who might be eligible for medical treatment and compensation - those who went to school, lived worked or volunteered in Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn Heights in the months that followed the attack.

"Some people are aware of it because their symptoms started right after 9/11. Other people may have a cough that was really bad after 9/11 and then it got better, and then all of a sudden they developed asthma," says Dr. Jacqueline Moline.

Organizers are urging people to register if they were near the World Trade Center during that time - even if they are healthy.

As for Eng, she knows there are many others out there like her.

"The government said it was fine. It was okay for everyone to return back to normal," she adds.

Organizers will hold more forums like this one in the coming weeks to target different neighborhoods.
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