SF's SHE-Boutique supports trans women with curated shopping experience

SAN FRANCISCO -- Visitors to San Francisco's trans woman-led SHE-Boutique enter the trendy spot for the free fashion finds and stay for the supportive, friendly environment.

Part of San Francisco Community Health Center (SFCHC), this one-stop shop for clothing and community building offers trans visitors an opportunity to pick up an array of fashion staples, shoes, accessories, and beauty products.

"It's shopping in a good place, safe environment," said visitor Katrina. "And you get to see your friends."

"You don't have to pay anything, and it's given by the community," added visitor Glenda.

SHE-Boutique creator and SFCHC case manager Khilynn Fowler said that the idea for the shop originated from her desire to develop a safe space for trans women to receive complete care.

"Being transgender and coming from a transgender community, it's not easy," began Fowler. "I'm here to help assist you, guide you along the way. Whatever your affirming care looks like."

SHE-Boutique is open every second Thursday of the month for all clients of San Francisco Community Health Center.

"In order to access the SHE-Boutique, you have to be current on your medical records, make sure that you're up to date on everything," said Fowler. "When you look good, you feel good. That's the rocket to get you absolutely into our doors, so we can provide you the best care that we have."

For more information about SHE-Boutique, visit here.

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