Mom brings young girl along on shoplifting trip to the store

CENTENNIAL, CO -- Someone's on the naughty list and this time we're talking about mom!

Surveillance video from Performance Cycle of Colorado in Centennial shows a woman allegedly stealing two pairs of gloves with a little girl in tow.

"She's not the typical thief," said Lance Waddill of Performance Cycle of Colorado. "Teaching a kid to steal so young, feels so wrong."

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That's exactly what Waddill said happened on Wednesday afternoon when his security cameras caught the woman stealing nearly red handed.

"This one was just the most shocking mainly because she had her daughter with her," Waddill said.

Video shows the woman walk with a little girl holding a doll. She heads for the gloves, eventually picking up one pair of men's and one pair of women's.

She rips off the glove headers then stashes them in pants before heading to the fitting room with the little girl to remove the security tags.

"We found all the security tags cut off and hidden in another jacket. We're still not sure how she got these off," said Waddill.

Waddill said the pair drove off in a newer-model black Subaru with the two pairs of gloves valued at about $400. He now hopes someone recognizes the woman.

"We're a family-owned business, so it would just be nice to get our gloves back and maybe just have her prosecuted," Waddill said.
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