7 On Your Side: Where to find the hottest deals in August

NEW YORK (WABC) -- The mailings and ads are already announcing, if you can believe it, that it's back to school time.

But as the dog days of summer hit, you can still find some sizzling hot deals on everything from school supplies to patio furniture.

While August marketing ads zero in on back to school shopping, consumer shopping expert Janice Lieberman says everyone can take advantage of the deals.

"If you have an office get your office supplies right now because this is when they're low. So now's a great time to get pens, pencils, folders, anything you might need," says Lieberman.

Dealnews.com says laptops are priced low this month but get more expensive in September. If you can't wait until Black Friday, now's the time for that big tech purchase.

It's also the time to buy anything for your yard or garden. "Expect to get 40 percent off everything from plants to shovels, hoses and pots," says Janice.

August is also prime time to walk on over to your local shoe stores for footwear bargains but Janice says the timing's the trick.

"Back to school everybody goes at the end of the summer and that's not a great time because stores are so busy and stock is lower," says Janice. "So if you can get out in the beginning of August for school shoes you're much better off."

Stocking up now on summer flip-flops and sandals for your kids will save you next year full price retail.

"Buy a size up and put it away," says Janice. "Don't let them wear it. Don't let them ruin it. It'll be fresh for next year."

Summer apparel will be marked down on sidewalks everywhere. "There's slim picking. But what you do get will be dirt cheap," says Janice.

Summer blouses, dresses and accessories online and at retail outlets and consignment shops are best bets. Janice says you can bargain even lower prices, since stores want to empty racks to make room for fall styles.

It's also time to grab some wine, from your summer wine staples to other varieties. Since people are gone on vacation, wine shops are lowering prices to attract who's left.

Take that wine on a last minute trip.

August also ushers in cheap airfares and hotels if you're looking for a quick getaway. New York City hotels are a bargain this time of year.

And you will start to see the softening of prices on grills and patio furniture. If you waited all summer, the stock is limited but you can save a bundle.

For some more tips on back to school bargains this month, we put together a primer on that number one item on every student's list: a new backpack.


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