7 On Your Side: January's best bets and worst buys

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Monday, January 2, 2023
January's best bets and worst buys
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January is the best time to buy certain items and 7 On Your Side has the best bets on what to buy and what not to buy this month. Nina Pineda has more.

NEW YORK (WABC) -- January is the best time to buy certain items and 7 On Your Side has the best bets on what to buy and what not to buy this month.

If you resolved to get in shape this year, you're in luck because it a great time to score discounted fitness gear and a many other markdowns including jewelry, high-end TVs and last year's electronics.

Savvy shoppers know when to stock up on gifts and this new year begins with a bonus because the holiday weather outside was frightful, which means inside retail outlets like Books and Greetings in Northvale, prices are delightful.

"It means we have more merchandise left over, you can come in and really score on these deals," said owner of Books and Greeting Kenny Sarfin. "We have to move all this and get prepared for Valentine's Day, that's the next holiday that's right around the corner.

He said they have to move the product and get ready for Valentine's Day, the next holiday right around the corner.

Buy: Holiday décor and seasonal items

So so long to Santa, it's time to shelf your elf and take advantage of holiday décor -- gift wrap, snow globes and holiday socks will be slashed.

BUY: Small gadgets & kitchen appliances.

Buy them and save them for next year's presents, plus all types of gadgets have to move, including small kitchen appliances which didn't sell Black Friday or Christmas that will be 70% percent off.

BUY: 2022 electronic models

Last year's electronics like laptops and cellphones are best bets too, and before the Super Bowl, splurge on a supersize high-end TV.

BUY: Towels, linens and bedding

Towels and linens, sheets and blankets also see January sales -- as does jewelry.

BUY: Luxury items like jewelry and watches

High-end, low-end watches, bracelets and baubles will be discounted all month, so grab your gold before prices spike pre-Valentine's Day.

BUY: Gym memberships

And since most of us resolve to get healthier in the new year, monthly gym memberships and fitness gear are knocked down in price this month -- just make sure you read contract cancelation policies carefully before signing up to get pumped up.

WAIT TO BUY: Winter sports gear and clothes

Winter sports gear like skis will be at their highest prices of the year, as will snow blowers, plows and cold weather apparel. But they will get cheaper later in the year.

"We don't put winter clothes on sale if the weather is it's cold, we wait for it to warm up a little bit and then all of it becomes half price," Sarfin said.

Other best bets: we are in a shoulder season for the travel industry before winter and spring breaks, so hotels are deeply discounted to get guests into rooms.

And so are cruises. From now until March the cruise industry has the best deals and booking incentives -- we're talking half off inside cabins, but of course we highly recommend travel insurance with all the headaches with air travel.

You definitely want some protection before you book in case you can't get there by air and the ship sails without you.

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