7 Best things to buy at outlet malls

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Michelle Charlesworth has the 7 best things to buy. (WABC)

The average American will spend $800 on holiday gifts. How would you like to spend half that? You can score big savings at outlet malls.

"At the flagship store you will not see stuff marked down -- kind of diminishes their brand. But you'll see the discounts at outlet stores," Mark Locastro of Deal News said.

Locastro is an expert on sales. Best stuff to buy at outlets? Clothing, shoes, beauty and perfume items (especially gift sets), handbags, games, electronics, and toys!

"At Toys R Us you can get 10 dollars off any purchase of 50 dollars or more," Locastro said.

Big tip here -- get a coupon book at any outlet mall management office first thing! Usually the coupon books are free or maybe 5 dollars.

As for games, get a "bundle deal."

"Like an X-Box One with 2 hot games and accessories will be cheaper than an X-Box on its own," he said.

As for handbags, the brand names at Century 21's outlet store were popular, but the best are locked in a glass cabinet. A wine colored Tod's bag is $799, less than half the original cost. Same thing with a brown Valentino and a Fendi. All three bags were half off. Taking a stroll over to Coach by myself later, with no cameras, everyone walking in got a 50% off coupon!

"For label lovers - definitely - if the shoe fits, buy it," Locastro said.

Here's another tip: use your phone to find promo codes most outlet stores will also accept. You could save another 20% off!

While you can find plenty of deals, Locastro some items should be avoided this time of year. Those items include:
Home and Patio Furniture
Chocolates and Flowers
Exercise Equipment
Airfare and Vacation Packages
High-End Laptops
Designer Clothing at luxury retailers

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