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7 On Your Side's Nina Pineda has the details.

Your credit card may need a rest, but before you put your plastic in mothballs, check out our best buys that could save you some serious green in January.

It's much more mellow at the mall now than during madness of holiday shopping, and a bonus is that those ugly sweaters are available at a deep discount. Ben Glaser, of DealNews.com, says smart shoppers are out stocking up on Christmas decor and winter-wear like coats and boots now.

"This year, you're going to see some amazing outerwear deals," he said. "Because it was so warm during the holidays and no one was buying coats."

Retailers, swamped with unsold outerwear, are slashing items by up to 70 to 80 percent.

This month is also great for gamers, with popular titles going for as low as $8 at GameStop.

"Over 40 percent will qualify as all-time low prices," Glaser said. "That means beating Black Friday prices."

And if you didn't get that bauble you wanted, buy it for yourself. Glaser says January means jewelry deals abound in store- or site-wide sales.

"After the holidays, retailers need to get rid of their excess inventory," he said. "Valentine's Day is still several weeks away, so they will start the discounts now."

Pearls are one of Glaser's best bets, because they timeless and classic, and cheaper than you think.

"Shop for Valentine's gifts in January and beat the rush when it's on sale," he said. "And pearls are a great romantic affordable gift."

The Apple Watch was among the most popular holiday gifts this season, so look for discounts on it and FitBits this January as new wearable tech models get introduced in a few weeks at the annual consumer electronics show. Prices are also falling with the temps on headphones, audio equipment and cameras.

"If you buy a refurbished camera from Nikon or Canon, it still has a warranty," Glaser said, "And it's a great value."

The value of some items will be more expensive this year, and Glaser says to expect to pay more for almonds, avocados and good California wine in 2016, along with the chocolate.

"Bad news," Glaser said. "Sugar, sweets and chocolate will be more expensive this year, both due to drought in the growing regions in Africa and just higher demand all around the world."

And did you make a New Year's Resolution to get in shape? Well, retailers respond with discounts on fitness and sports equipment this month. Treadmills and weights will be on sale, as will gym memberships. It's a great time to negotiate a cheap contract as gyms try to get you in the door, and make sure you check cancellation policies and get them in writing before you sign on the dotted line.
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