7 On Your Side: January's best bargains

NEW YORK (WABC) -- It's cold out there, but savvy shoppers know some deals are sizzling this month. So hopefully you saved some room on that credit card to take advantage of some red hot discounts in January.

If you're trying to keep warm this winter, now's the time to cozy up to new bedding.

"January is a great time pillows and blankets," said Janice Leiberman, consumer analyst for Dealnews.com. "It's time to stock up on linens, whether online or brick and mortar."

Leiberman says you'll find online post holiday deals on West Elm and Wayfair. And now, she says it's a great time splurge on furniture.

"In February, the new furniture lines come out," she said. "And they need to move out the old. It won't be the spring palettes. It will be the dark colors."

Leiberman also says don't be shy about haggling.

"Tell them how much you want to pay," she said. "(Ask) 'can you give me a discount?' 'Is this an older model?' 'I want 10 percent to 20 percent off.' And walk away if they're not interested."

But don't walk away from that luxury TV you've been eyeing. Leiberman predicts if it wasn't on sale during Black Friday, it will be now. But her inside tip for even better TV and tech deals is to look out in the open.

"People have returned TVs, all kind of electronics, and they have to sell them, and they're open boxes," she said. "They've been checked. They have full warranties. And you can save 40 percent."

If Santa didn't bring you that new Smartphone, don't despair. The Consumer Electronics Show is this month, and that, Leiberman advises, will soften prices on anything with a plug from last year.

Make your way to the Great White Way this month. Broadway's week runs for two weeks, beginning January 16, offering two-for-one deals during the slow month for tourists visiting the city.

"If you couple it with a cheap hotel stay in New York and a show, you're making the best of January," Leiberman said.

She says three other best bets for this month include holiday decorations and decor, winter coats and shoes, and gym memberships and fitness equipment. January has the best prices of the year for all things that make you sweat.


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