7 On Your Side: September's best buys

Before you hit the stores, check out our best buys of the month of September.

Among this month's best bets, the newest latest and greatest iPhone (the "8") is rumored to be coming out around the second or third week of September. Which means the iPhone 7 is expected drop in price into the $500 range, a huge savings but you have to time it just right.

"Now's the time to get an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus. We've seen them as low as refurbished, $515 to $550. That's a deal," said Janice Lieberman, DealNews.com.

The 7 currently retails for about $650, so Lieberman, says it will pay off to keep your eye out for the price drop at both resellers like Best Buy and the Apple store.

Other scores this month, certain TVs.

"Black Friday is of course the best time. But if you can't wait, we found TVs as low as $100. That's crazy. 55' for $350. I mean cheap, cheap, cheap," Lieberman said.

Lieberman says smart shoppers will also search for buried treasure inside the stores.

"Look for open boxes. I actually bought an oven from Best Buy. Open box saved hundreds of dollars," Lieberman said.

Labor Day deals will deliver dozens of discounts check your inbox. BCBG and Old Navy are offering sizzling steals on summer clothes and shoes. But strangely, swimwear hasn't had it's dramatic drop in price yet.

"It's a little weird. With the bathing suits you would think they would all go on sale heavily. But if you need now there's slim picking," Lieberman said.

But you can pick up a bicycle this month.

"This is the cheapest month to buy bicycles very surprising. We've seen deals on Schwinn and Mongoose which are pricey bikes. Dicks Sporting Goods, 50-percent off it really is the month to buy a bike," Lieberman said.

And after Labor Day, all sorts of last minute vacations will be on deep discount.

Other deals that aren't out there this month on our "not to buy list" include grills. Prices are holding because we are still grilling, expect the big drop in October. Same goes for laptops, usually better back to school sales, now you're better off waiting until Black Friday.
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