Singing nun sensation releases cover of 'Like A Virgin'

Sister Cristina Scuccia, an Italian nun who became an internet sensation over the summer for her talented singing, just released her debut single. It's a Madonna song whose title starts with "Like A," but it's not the one you were expecting.

No, it's not "Like A Prayer." Her choice? "Like A Virgin."

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The original lyrics stayed intact, but not much else. The calmer take on the 1984 dance track is causing plenty to voice their opinions. Some are praising her performance, while others are saying that a song about sexuality is not an appropriate choice for a nun.

Sister Cristina, though, said that she has a religious interpretation of the song, and that the 'touch' in the lyrics refers to God's touch, according to Good Morning America.

What do you think of her song choice? Do you like her reinterpretation? Let us know in the comments.

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