NYPD goes on 'Sleigh Ride' to pass out gifts in Brooklyn

BEDFORD-STUYVESANT, Brooklyn (WABC) -- Sometimes Santa wears a badge, and sometimes cops drive sleighs.

And sometimes St. Nick shows up a little early with a whole bunch of crime fighting superhero friends.

Admit it, you'd be excited too if you saw your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man perched from up high.

And muscle bound Thor with that glorious mane, and don't blink or you'll miss him...the Flash!

It sure beats reindeer right?

The super production is part of the NYPD's Patrol Borough Brooklyn North Annual "Sleigh Ride."

It's proof that even adults can feel like kids sometimes and even cops need a hug.

"This is out of sight. It's awesome. The kids love it. The parents, we love it," said Kayeron Middleton, resident.

Santa made a stop at each of the 10 precincts in the patrol borough. Thousands of toys given out.
Countless smiles. Priceless memories. Including at the 79th precinct in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

"It's really about the kids. It's the holidays. A lot of children don't get toys. Let's be real," said Anais Cutts, a resident.

"Our neighborhood coordination officers went out into the community. They found families some of whom were underserved, lack of resources, and we wanted to bring them here to spread some holiday magic," said Assistant Chief Jeffrey Maddrey, Commanding Officer of Patrol Borough Brooklyn, NYPD.

"These are the little things that people need to see so they can understand that there's a human factor being a part of this agency," said Assistant Chief Rodney Harrison, NYPD.

But maybe even more than the toys, the superheroes were the big hit.
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