Mom brings 4-year-old twins to art galleries all over the city

MANHATTAN, New York (WABC) -- Kate was an avid gallery go-er and art enthusiast. Growing up with a mother as an artist, Kate didn't want to lose this hobby and passion when she had kids.

Introducing art to her kids was a huge part of it. "From when they were babies, I would take them to shows and introduce them to gallery behavior," says Kate.

After taking some photos of the twins enjoying the art, she decided to create an Instagram account, LittleTwins_BigApple, to document her family's memories.

"I started this account because we were already going to a lot of art shows and installations," says Kate, a local mom of 4-year-old twins.

Then her account, LittleTwins_BigApple, continued to grow and grow.

Now she has artists reaching out to her about having the twins come to their newest installations and gallery openings.

Kate hopes her account inspires other parents to take their kids to galleries.

"Although children may seem out of place in these spaces, it's really important to introduce them to art and new things," said Kate.

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