Indiana 9-year-old stood up at birthday party gets outpouring of support

LAKE STATION, Indiana -- A 9-year-old Indiana boy, who was stood up by his friends at his birthday party, is getting an outpouring of support.

Gerald Hamilton, who has some learning disabilities, invited 30 of his schoolmates and pals to his party on Saturday.

Many said they would come, but none showed up.

Hamilton's grandmother took to the internet in frustration, posting on Facebook that she wanted people to send him a card to make up for the humiliation.

"5 o'clock and came and his mom said we should cut the cake and he said 'What if one of my friend's come?' And none came. It's heartbreaking. He's just a kid who wants friends to play with," said grandmother Amelia Lara.

The response has been overwhelming.

The posting has been shared more than three thousand times, and cards and gifts from strangers have come from all across the United States, and from as far away as London and Vietnam.

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