Artist adds iconic pop culture figures to thrift store paintings

This story was originally published April 6, 2015.

One artist is adding some pop culture flair to unwanted thrift store paintings in hilarious fashion.

David Irvine, 46, from outside Toronto, Canada, is responsible for the hilarious "Re-directed Art," a series that injects pop culture icons into serene landscape paintings. Characters from "Star Wars," "Doctor Who," and "Where The Wild Things Are" help bring the paintings a new vibrant life.

Irvine says that the pieces can sell from $300-$800, and some of his work is currently being featured at The Flying Pony Gallery in Toronto.

"They are usually old and in bad shape so I touch up marks and scratches, etc., to bring it back to its original form then I add in my own elements," Irvine told ABC News. "My only rule is that I never paint over the original signature...generally most are bought at thrift shops, yard sales and even salvaged from the curb. I hate seeing waste and when I see a painting collecting dust on a shelf, I see potential, not garbage."

Irvine, who has been creating and selling art for over 25 years, features his "Re-directed art" on his website You can check out samples of his work in the gallery above.
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