Wish come true: Boy battling life-threatening disorder NYPD officer for a day

BOROUGH PARK, Brooklyn (WABC) -- The NYPD had a little extra help on Monday, thanks to a 5-year-old from Borough Park.

Eric Cao was given a uniform, complete with shades and a whistle - perfect for catching bad guys, which is what Cao has always dreamed of doing. The Make-A-Wish organization and the NYPD made his dream come true.

Cao also made his rounds sitting in the big chair and doing roll call. He also made sure officers were ready to hit the streets. He went with the officers to patrol Bushwick, where volunteers and some Mandarin-speaking police officers helped put on a good show. Officer Cao was on a mission, complete with a police dog and a chopper over his head. Within minutes, he had made an arrest.

Cao has intestinal failure. He is being treated at Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital - New York Presbyterian, and he takes medication daily.

"Hopefully the more nutrition his body absorbs and the stronger he gets, the doctor says he may be able to reduce his medicine," Cao's mother said.

This experience with the NYPD is medicine for his spirit, and as it turns out, it is pretty good for the officers as well.

"It opens our hearts - it's a blessing," said NYPD officer Izora Neal.
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