Boy with rare disorder named Fairview police chief for a day

FAIRVIEW, New Jersey (WABC) -- A little boy from New Jersey who is fighting a rare disease was entrusted with a big responsibility Friday.

Diego Estrada was named honorary Fairview police chief for the day, wearing the dress blues and commanding everyone's respect.

"I'm Chief Estrada," he said, after being sworn in by the mayor and saluted by his officers.

It was a day he'll never forget, thanks to the Bergen County sheriff's "Chief for a Day" program. where children with serious health issues get to be the county's top cop.

Estrada suffers from a rare disorder called Progeria, which causes him to age rapidly.

"Which affects only about a 1,000 kids a year in the whole United States," Fairview Police Chief Martin Kahn said. "There's no cure for it. What that is, is a progressive aging disease. So obviously, you can see, he's only 6 years old, a first grader, he really doesn't grow that often."

Kahn said he is glad that he could make Diego feel special, thanks to this program.

"The moment I met him, I almost broke down," Kahn said. "I'm ready to break down now. You see these kids, and they suffer. And there's nothing you can do to help them, just be there and be supportive of them."

And when Estrada grows up, he wants to be a fireman.
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