Good Samaritan utilizes unlimited Olive Garden pasta pass to feed homeless

Matt Tribe of Ogden, Utah has utilized his unlimited pasta pass from Olive Garden to help feed the homeless around his community. (Matt Tribe / YouTube)

Some would use an unlimited pasta pass from Olive Garden to satisfy nothing but their deepest gluttonous desires. Matt Tribe of Ogden, Utah, however, utilized his pasta pass to feed the homeless.

In a video uploaded to YouTube on November 26, Tribe describes how he heard about Olive Garden's unlimited pasta pass promotion, and how he utilized his pass to feed friends and the homeless around his community.

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Tribe told ABC his inspiration for the pasta giving.

    "When I first got on Reddit a few years ago, random acts of pizza was in full effect (people would just randomly send someone a pizza) and lately a lot of people have been talking about random acts of kindness... so why not random acts of pasta?" Tribe said.

    "Once I got the pass, I realized that I couldn't eat all of the pasta so I called Olive Garden to make sure it was cool to do take out and when they said yes, I thought it would fun to just randomly show up at peoples houses with pasta. It started with just my friends and family but then it turned into strangers, homeless, mailmen, UPS men.. basically everyone."

Tribe has been chronicling his pasta-giving journey on the blog Random Acts of Pasta. Tribe details the date and each person he gave pasta to, while providing a background story on some of his more memorable encounters. Tribe says he's learned a lot throughout the process.

    "I got more out of this than anything I have ever done. All I was doing for that month was looking for ways that I could get out there and do something nice for someone. I forgot my problems (if even for just a 20 minutes) it was quite remarkable. The best experience I had throughout the entire process was without doubt when I gave pasta to a homeless woman. The first thing she said to me was that she was going to share it with her friends. Wow.. you know? Someone that has nothing's first thought is to share it with her friends. It broke my heart and it changed my outlook on life. I don't think I will ever forget that. Needless to say I went back out to the car and got some for her friends," Tribe told ABC.

However, some have been skeptical of the whether Tribe's pasta-giving gestures are genuine, with many Reddit users claiming them to be a viral-marketing ploy by Olive Garden. Tribe and Olive Garden both refute these claims.

    "After I posted the video, someone on Reddit decided that this was made by Olive Garden and was just a publicity stunt. I sat there stunned how people were just ripping me apart. Olive Garden didn't pay me a dime. In fact, I bought the pass, I'm pretty sure I put thousands of miles on my car and gas was not cheap and not to mention the time I put into this. It really really hurt me. I couldn't believe that the world had become so cynical that nobody would believe someone would just go out and do something nice for someone."

Since the original video was uploaded to YouTube, Random Acts of Pasta has garnered over 400,000 views and has attracted the attention of media outlets like TIME and ABC News. Tribe hopes that the viral fame will help inspire others to make a positive change.

    "Now that it's kind of blown up, I just hope that enough people see and get inspired to start doing something nice for others. All I see on television and the internet is hate hate hate. Everyone hates everyone. Well, I think it's time we change that."
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