Help us solve a lost wedding ring mystery!

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Nina Pineda has the story

It was just after Superstorm Sandy when Angela Bokserman spotted a lost ring in this Sheepshead Bay parking lot.

"I noticed this little yellow circle and I leaned over and it's a gold ring," said Angela Bokserman.

The ring, a wedding band bears 4 initials, from MF to ___ the initials of a partner, the letters have been blurred out to get a positive identification along with a wedding date.

"I read the inscription and it was just so heartwarming. It had the initials and then the year was '10-29-55' and I'm like this is so unbelievable so many years ago," said Angela.

She thinks the wedding band fell off the finger of the person who proudly wore the symbol of love for more than 55 years.

"Probably like an elderly person wearing a glove coming in and out doing shop may be took off the glove hand was too cold and dropped it," says Angela.

Angela says she put up flyers at her bank and around the parking lot. "I left my phone number nobody ever called me," said Angela.

Next, she went to the police.

"I went to the precinct. They said they had to keep it and I said, 'oh no it's going to be in the abyss,'" said Angela.

So she put the ring in her wallet and held onto it all these years. Angela says it never crossed her mind to pawn it.

"It meant something to that couple who actually got married on that day. Now you look at rings where to do see that these days," says Angela.

With the milestone anniversary looming she reached out to 7 On Your Side.

"It's coming onto their 60th wedding anniversary and they don't have the ring," said Angela. "If this person isn't with us anymore I would like his or her kids to say wow somebody actually found it," says Angela.

The New York City Clerk's office told 7 on Your Side that it can't search weddings by date or name. That's why we're coming to you, the viewer - if you think you know the couple belonging to this ring, call 7 On Your Side at (917) 260-7664.
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