How to boost your immune system according to celebrity nutritionist Rob Ferguson

New York, NY -- For more than 20 years, Robert Ferguson has helped thousands lose weight and improve their overall health with his "Diet Free Life" methodology.

Ferguson, is a nationally recognized certified nutritionist, fitness expert, speaker and author, who currently serves on the Presidential Task Force on Obesity for the National Medical Association and has worked with several organizations devoted to under-served communities.

According to Ferguson, there is a close relationship between excess body fat, eating habits and the strength of our immune systems.

In an interview with Here and Now's Sandra Bookman he asserts, "most of these illnesses and diseases, whether it's asthma, type-2 diabetes or hypertension are associated with excess body fat."

Contrary to what most people believe, Ferguson claims it is important that we eat often in order to support our immune system and reduce excess body fat. "Sumo wrestlers eat once or twice in the entire day, and when they do eat, they're eating large meals. Most of us are eating like sumo wrestlers," he said. Ferguson recommends not going more than three hours without snacking or eating a meal.

Ferguson works closely with a growing list of celebrities and professional athletes, which include Chaka Khan, Katie Maloney, Toni Braxton, Daniel Baldwin, Ricki Lake, Chuck D of Public Enemy, La Toya Jackson, Fernando Vargas, Sergio Mora, Bobbi Bonilla, and Indy race car driver Pippa Mann, to name a few.

Ferguson currently hosts The Stayhealthy Experience podcast with actor Daniel Baldwin and fitness professional Barbara Kris. To learn more about Rob Ferguson's Diet Free Life visit his website.
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