Local honey could be key to fighting your seasonal allergies

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Amy Freeze has the story from Union Square.

New Yorkers are buzzing about allergies, and some say there's a cure right under their nose.

"This month is job security money," said Andrew Cote, beekeeper. "People have bad allergies, they come here."

Loyal customers live by it as soon as spring arrives.

"My routine is when I start to get itchy and runny nose it's time for me to get honey," a customer said.

Andrew's Honey is harvested on New York City rooftops, where hundreds of hives citywide produce the sweet antidote.

"People may not associate New York City with bees but there are 258 types of feral bees flying around Manhattan at any given time," Andrew said.

Raw, natural Honey is collected and bottled for sale block by block.

"Since bees fly for three miles in any direction, I don't think there is any neighborhood in New York City that we don't have covered," Andrew said.

Andrews says easily half of his customers come to pick out an allergy remedy.

He says, find honey based on where you live to ensure it has local pollen.

"I live in Greenwood and he has sunset, and I tried greenwood when I changed to that, it made a big difference," a customer said.

Three generations of beekeepers show up for the farmers market.

Andrew's dad Norm started it 45 years ago.

He still takes care of dozens of hives some days and says New York City honey production is directly related to the weather.

"More bloom, more flower, more nectar," Norm said.

"The nectar and pollen gathered to make that honey is the same pollen source that would make allergies," Andrew said.

"Actually, a teaspoon a day really does help the local honey," a customer said.

All honey is not created equal. Make sure you get yours at a local farmers market that way it has local pollen in it to fight your allergies.

Andrew's Honey is in Union Square on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
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