'I speak to spirits' says man who claims he can communicate with dead people

HOUSTON, Texas -- A Texas man is sharing his personal childhood spiritual story to help kids who can communicate with the other side.

As a child, Charles Crumb said he had supernatural abilities. He could communicate with spirits and even remembers having an out-of-body experience as a baby.

"Being in the crib, and leaving my body. Floating around, going into my parents room, saying that they are safe in bed," said Crumb.

The paranormal episodes and the spirits were something that would not go away. The more Crumb faced them, the more his ability felt like a curse.

"It feels like something's wrong with you. Maybe I'm crazy, you know," said Crumb.

Crumb said it wasn't until he went online, took a survey, and found that he was actually like many others around the world who identified themselves as indigo children. His realization gave him freedom.

"We do exist," said Crumb. "We are spread out all over the world. And when we do connect, beautiful things happen."

Now instead of being haunted by spirits, he helps them, occasionally to crossover.

"I feel intense dread or fear or confusion," said Crumb. "It's a wonderful feeling to reconnect with source, which is what I believe happens when you die."

Crumb agreed to interview with our sister station, KTRK, to help other children who felt like he did. He wants them to know they don't have to hide. They can be who they are created to be.

If you're wondering, take the indigo child test online.
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