Man hands out $100 bills to strangers on the street in upstate New York

TROY, New York (WABC) -- A man from upstate New York is paying it forward - literally - by handing out cold hard cash.

Jeff Buell spends his days walking the streets of Troy, giving away $100 bills.

His goal is spread $50,000 of his own money over the next year to complete strangers.

His random recipients are no doubt happy.

But the cash does come with a catch.

"The only thing I want in return for that hundred dollars, is for you to be kind to people today," says Buell.

Buell says his "Do The Next Good Thing" campaign is designed to offset all the chaos in the world these days.

"The goal of this project isn't to just disseminate $50,000 and say, 'Hey, we're good people!' The goal is to kind of shift people's perspectives about kindness," he said.

Already Jeff has met people who are donating resources to Puerto Rico and playing music for senior citizens.
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