California mom writes kids book to help explain daughter's disability

CLOVIS, California -- A California girl born with a deformity has inspired her mother to write a book.

Three-year-old Brooklynn Harold is one energetic and active little girl. It's hard to believe she was born with club foot, one of the most common inherited congenital limb deformities.

"She's going to do great things, and what I say in the book is that she hops into this world with nothing holding her back," mom Jill Harold said.

Jill has used her personal story to write a book called, "Hip, Hop, Hooray for Brooklynn Bunny!" which follows a bunny who wears braces at night and is determined to learn how to jump rope.

"It says, 'Brooklyn don't worry about a thing,' said Mama Bunny," Jill read. "'We will get your paws straight, and you'll be hopping all over the place,' said Papa Bunny."

The Clovis mom says it took two years to bring the book to life, but she felt the need to provide a resource for not only Brooklynn but her twin sons Bryson and Brayden.

"Another reason for the book was I needed a way to explain to them why we're going to the doctor a lot," she said. "What's this cast on her leg, what are these braces?"

Harold says it's been a long journey with numerous braces, but Brooklynn has come a long way. The book is available on Amazon. It's an accomplishment this mother says is something she shares.

"This is my forever gift to her and to our family and other club foot families and other families who have an obstacle to overcome or who struggle with something, this is for them," she said.

It's a story of perseverance with a family's love.
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