Mute teen finds voice on high school cheerleading squad

Constance Weems has selective mutism but is finding her voice as a member of her school's cheerleading team. (WXYZ)

Prior to just a few months ago, Constance Weems had gone her entire life without speaking. The 16-year-old high school sophomore has selective mutism. But Constance has found her voice ever since joining her school's cheerleading team last June.

Constance joined the team last June after the cheer coach received a phone call from her grandmother, according to ABC affiliate WXYZ in Detroit.

"I said I'd love to take her," Candace Williams told WXYZ.

Constance knows all the words to the cheers and whispers them as she performs. She is often the first person on the team to jump up and start cheering for a good play, according to Williams.

And the team and Constance's classmates has been supportive of her cheering. Her teammates wear turquoise ribbons in her honor and Constance often has her own cheering squad in the stands at games holding signs that read "Go, Constance."

Constance's grandmother told WXYZ that Constance has loved the experience and looks forward to every practice and game.

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