Nearly half of US workers need side gig to stay afloat, survey finds

If you have a side hustle, you're not alone.

Nearly half of all American workers have another job, with many saying it's a necessity.

The average person can bring in an extra $1,100 a month by working 12 hours a week, according to

Most said the extra money accounts for less than half of monthly earnings for most, but 3 in 10 reported the extra income is needed to pay regular living expenses.

"Though the economy is strong, many Americans are finding it necessary to work on the side in order to make ends meet," analyst Amanda Dixon said. "The good news is, whether you need to put in extra hours to pay the bills or pad your savings account, finding a side gig has never been easier."

Another top reason for holding a side gig is for disposable income, while others said it's to boost their savings.

According to the survey, millennials make up the bulk of people who perform side work.

More than 78% say technology plays a role in their ability to earn extra money, including 51% who say it plays a major role.

More than 25% of people also said they like their side gigs more than their actual career.

"Side hustles are obviously a great way to earn extra money, but they also provide an opportunity to turn a passion or hobby into something more than that," Dixon said. "Technology has leveled the entrepreneurial playing field, so there's no limit to what a good idea and hard work can produce."
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