Prankster fools airport-goers with fake outlet

One prankster discovered that all he needs to get a few good laughs at an airport is a sticker that looks like an outlet.

David McDonald set up the sticker when he was traveling from Miami to London on Wednesday, and more than one gullible fellow traveler fell for it.

"At first, people were mad, then confused and then [they] laughed," he told ABC News. "After I was done video taping, I told them what I did and they all laughed and we acted like nothing happened and waited for the next person to try it."

McDonald, a customer service rep who works with graphic designers, said the idea came from a conversation with co-workers about the scarcity of outlets at airports.

He took the sticker down when he left, but that's not the end of this prank. McDonald plans to do it again, and he's even selling them.

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