Sheriff's department apologizes for asking breastfeeding mom to cover up

GEORGIA -- A sheriff's department in Georgia is offering a big apology to a mom who says a deputy asked her to cover up while she was breastfeeding.

Savannah Shukla says she was feeding her one month old son in the supermarket when a sheriff's deputy asked her to cover up - saying some might find it offensive.

She reminded him of the law that allows her to nurse in public, and that's when she says it got heated.

"He was like 'Well ma'am I already see your areola, and if he unlatches and shows nipple, that is considered indecent exposure,'" she said. "So if I were to try and cover myself up, even if it's just a second, he said that would be considered indecent exposure, and that he really didn't want me to have to be arrested."

The sheriff's office said they do not condone those actions.

Shukla accepted the apology, but she did file an official complaint - hoping other mothers don't have the same experience.
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