Voices of the past kee this pride voice motivated for today...and tomorrow

NEW YORK -- Marsha P. Johnson is often cited as the catalyst for the riots at Stonewall which gave birth to the PRIDE movement we celebrate and commemorate each year. But, Tanya Asapansa-Johnson Walker has taken the baton from Ms. Johnson and all of those who have marched before and after her to ensure that this generation and generations to come will continue to make progress on the road to equality.

Tanya is a U.S Army Veteran, and Co-founder of the New York Transgender Advocacy Group (NYTAG). In her current role she serves on the board of Equality New York. Tanya also facilitates the Trans Women's Group at SAGE Midtown Manhattan. Among her many accomplishments, Tanya has been and continues to be instrumental in acquiring LGBTQ rights in New York State. She lobbied the Assembly and Senate in Albany for 17 years for the passage of the Gender Expression Non- Discrimination Act, which helped to get gender identity added to existing human rights law. Tanya also helped to create the Transgender Transitional Housing Program (TTHP) at Housing Works in NYC.

For more information on the New York transgender Advocacy Group and Equality New York visit https://www.nytag.org/ and https://www.equalityny.org/