Tips on navigating the dating scene in New York City

NEW YORK (WABC) -- For those singles looking to find that special someone, it is not always easy to navigate the dating scene in New York City.

Joining us with some tips on Eyewitness News Sunday Morning were Dr. Errol Gluck and Rori Sassoon from Platinum Poire Matchmaking.

Among their tips:
--Don't approach the first date as a job interview, it's about getting to know someone.
--Don't dwell on your past, especially divorces, breakups and financial problems.
--Meeting for dinner on the first date is preferable to drinks, because it will give you more time to relax and loosen up if you're nervous.
--If you are drinking alcohol, keep it to a maximum of two drinks.
--Put away the cell phone during the date.

They pointed out that meeting someone is more difficult for women than men, because the ratio of single, heterosexual women to men in New York City is 3 to 1.

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