VIDEO: Man records heart-stopping, 129-foot leap into harbor

NEWPORT BEACH, California -- A man leaped 129 feet off a building and nearly smashed into a dock while filming a dangerous stunt for his YouTube channel.

And now our obligatory plea: Do not try this at home, because it's insane.

Earlier this month, the extreme athlete 8Booth ended up splashing into Newport Harbor after flying off the side of the building.
He's fortunate, because in the final moments, it looks like a close call as a dock zooms into view.

The video begins with a climb up the staircase to the roof of the massive building. We can then see the harbor complete with boats and docks.

8Booth recorded the freaky video with two GoPro cameras, one showing his point of view and another trained on the athlete as he splashes down.
The athlete is known on social media for record-breaking jumps, skateboarding and other adrenaline-pumping feats.
All in all, it's a heart-stopping moment captured on camera, if not completely ridiculous. null
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