Wedding ring found in Roslyn LIRR parking lot, family searches for owner

ROSLYN, Long Island (WABC) -- A Long Island family is on a mission and hoping to find the man or woman who is missing their wedding ring.

It was chance or perhaps serendipity when Joel Landstein's son recently discovered the nearly 70-year-old wedding band lying in the parking lot of the Roslyn Long Island Rail Road station.

"If it was a little bit to the left or right he would've never seen it," Landstein said.

The simple gold ring with a faded inscription was hard to make out, so he took the ring to a local jeweler who was able to decipher two sets of initials along with a day, month, and year of 1948.

"We could not read the engraving and went through the house to try to find the magnifying glass and couldn't find that," Landstein said. "Then we realized, wow, there's history behind this."

A symbolic promise of forever, Landstein says he cannot imagine what the owner of this priceless ring may now be going through.

So, he's put up flyers around the station along with a Facebook post hoping the ring's rightful owner can be reunited.

"It means something, you know, there's value there's sentimental value to this and we're trying," Landstein said.

Over the past two weeks Landstein has received almost a dozen phone calls from people whose loved ones have lost rings over the years, but so far none of their initials or dates are the perfect match.

"Unfortunately the phone calls I've gotten are from people who have parents who are deceased and that their rings were missing, stolen, and they would just love to get them back," Landstein said. "It's something that I just want to get back to the original family. I just hope that somebody is looking for it."
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