The best and worst places to retire in America

Retirement is always on American workers minds, deducting huge portions of their paycheck to fund that magical time where they will no longer have to work. But according to WalletHub, there are cities to where retirees should flock, as well as cities to avoid.

The research was based off of 25 key metrics, including job prospects for workers aged 65 and older, a city's quality of life, and health care conditions. No surprise that five of the top 10 best places are in Florida, a state known for its large senior citizen population. Suburban communities of major cities, like Kansas City's neighbor Overland Park, or Plano, Texas, part of the Dallas/Ft. Worth metropolitan area, were amongst the top 10 as well.

Amongst the worst places to retire are large metropolitan areas like Chicago, Philadelphia, and New York, with their high cost of living being associated with lower retiree satisfaction. Californian cities like Fresno and Stockton placed at the bottom of the list, noting the metropolitan areas' lack of activities and weaker health care options for senior citizens.

Check out the gallery above to see the best and worst places to retire. Click here to read the full report from WalletHub.